5M70 0550 Cardiff Canton – Swansea ECS

5M70 0550 Cardiff Canton – Swansea ECS

18th June 2020 0 By Leigh Millinship

Class 50 visits to South Wales before the mid-1980’s were rare however with them being displaced elsewhere they started to appear more and more during the mid to latter part of the decade.

In this scenario drive an ECS service from Cardiff to Swansea, the engine is in a cold state so will need full preparation prior to collecting the mark 1’s from Canton’s carriage shed sidings. Upon arrival at Swansea the stock forms a 0750 Manchester Picc passenger service whilst the class 50 will stable and wait the arrival of the 3A12 parcel service from Carmarthen which it’ll work to Paddington later that morning

For more BR blue and some modern related scenarios please check out – https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061665539/myworkshopfiles/

INSTALLATION – Drag the ‘Content’ folder into your ‘RailWorks’ folder, then clear the cache in Train Simulator. The scenario should now be visible in the route ‘South Wales Coastal – BR Sectors Edition’ and playable with the name “5M70 0550 Cardiff Canton – Swansea ECS”.

Scenario length – 60 mins, medium rating

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