5L77 16+28 Sevenoaks – London Cannon Street (2004)

5L77 16+28 Sevenoaks – London Cannon Street (2004)

31st December 2022 8 By Mattg17

A scenario for the Southeastern Network

Briefing: The Southern region’s use of long distance empty coaching stock moves allowed for the increased utilization of it’s rolling stock. On a fine weekday evening you find yourself at Sevenoaks after arriving with 2S52 from Charing Cross. You are to run your units back into the Capital to Cannon Street as one such working where they will take up their next booked working.

Requirements: Some are optional, please consult the Readme

Chatham Mainline (Ramsgate Version)
SEML + Mid Kent V1 (Steam Workshop)
Class 423 4VEP
Southeastern Class 465

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 Pack Vol.2
Class 319 Pack Vol.2
Class 375/377 EP
Class 456 Pack
Class 465/466 EP Vol.1
Sky / Weather EP

Alan Thomson Simulation
375610 Blue / Gold Stripe

rf72 4VEP Connex