5E80 13:25 Hertford Nth C.H.S.-Hornsey E.M.U.D.

5E80 13:25 Hertford Nth C.H.S.-Hornsey E.M.U.D.

14th April 2020 0 By Robbo13

5E80 13:25 Hertford Nth C.H.S.-Hornsey E.M.U.D.

This scenario comes with two downloads. One with complete AI and one with fewer AI for those whos computer may not like scenarios with a lot of AI in.

How to Install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy contents folder into Railworks.
3. Done!

Afternoon driver, we are currently awaiting the path out of Hertford North depot. Today you will be taking this ECS from here to Hornsey depot. You will be following another stopper and a freight all the way to Hornsey. Year:2016.


Hertford Loop extension
LNER/VTEC 225 Pack
LNER/VTEC 125 Pack
T7 Translators

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 313
Class 321 EP
Class 365 EP
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 66 EP
Class 67 EP*
Class 91 EP
JNA Wagon Pack
FSA Wagon Pack

BH Reskins
Class 66720

Class 66 Pack 02
Class 66 Pack 03
Class 67 Pack 01 *
Class 455 (For 317 Great Northern reskin)
Chatham Mainline
South London Lines (For 387 Great Northern reskin)*

Class 321 Great Northern Ex FCC
Class 317 Great Northern
Class 387 Great Northern*

Those marked with * are for static AI only. Without these the scenario WILL still work correctly. Also note that if you decide to download the less AI version you will not need these.

If there is anything I have missed from the requirements then do let me know and I will add it to the list.