5C11/1C11 06:40 Bristol Temple Meads to Plymouth (2022)

5C11/1C11 06:40 Bristol Temple Meads to Plymouth (2022)

12th September 2022 2 By Matthias

Start your shift at Bristol Barton Hill W.R.D. on an early morning in September 2022 and drive Cross Country services 5C11 and 1C11 from Bristol down the coast to Plymouth.
The scenario is based on the original 2022 WTT and live recordings (live.rail-record.co.uk) with some little changes due to gameplay reasons. I recommend you to play in 64bit-mode only.

Route: JT Western Mainlines
Track covered: Bristol Barton Hill W.R.D.
Duration: 130 min
Month/Year: 09/2022
Start Time: 06:25
Difficulty: hard
Player train: Class 220 Voyager
Additional information: Start up your train from cold. Pressing [TAB] is required to gain permission for entering Taunton station.


• JT Western Mainlines with all extensions
• Settle to Carlisle (for PCA wagon)*
• Class 37 Vol. 1*
• Class 43 (MTU) EP
• Class 66 EP*
• Class 150/2
• Class 158 (Cummins) EP
• Class 170 EP
• Class 800 EP
• JNA Wagon Pack*
+all essential requirements
• Voyager Advanced 2019
• JJA Autoballaster PlusPak AdvancedVGA Wagon Pack*
• Class 70*
• Class 08 Gronkpack*
• Class 43 Revamp Pack
• Class 166 GWR Reskin