530Q- 0930- Doncaster Works Wabtec- Haymarket Depot

530Q- 0930- Doncaster Works Wabtec- Haymarket Depot

10th August 2020 2 By CWilson4747


With the transformation of Scotland’s railway in full swing the 19th refurbished HST set was ready to make its way north back to Scotland from Doncaster Works Wabtec. With only 7 sets now needing refurbished, what started out as a rocky start for the refurbished Inter7City sets they have became more reliable, and in the next few months once the remaining 7 sets are completed the next part of the program will commence, when 4 coaches will become 5, on 17 of the sets providing a further increase to capacity for the 7 cities of Scotland.

Your task for today is to take the newest refurbished set from Newcastle across the border to Edinburgh, with the train having come up from Doncaster Works Wabtec you will pick it up on the King Edward Bridge just outside Newcastle, before running non-stop up the East Coast Mainline to the Scottish capital, upon arrival into Edinburgh another driver will relieve you where they will take the new set the short distance to Haymarket Depot where it will be put through its paces before entering passenger service. Traffic on the service is light with a clear run infront of you, southbound traffic is accurate as of 06/08/20 when the journey took place, unit numbers are also accurate on all LNER and Scotrail trains thanks to Realtime Train’s ‘Know Your Train’ feature.

The Journey itself: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/K02245/2020-08-06/detailed

Scenario Length: 90 Minutes


JustTrains: Newcastle to Edinburgh (JustTrains)

Rolling Stock:
Class 43 MTU EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Scotrail Inter7City Reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 800 IET LNER Azuma Reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 802 TransPennine Express Reskin (Simvue)
Abellio Scotrail Class 380 Reskin (Vulcan Productions)
Class 66 EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)
FSA Wagon Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
JustTrains Voyager 2019 (JustTrains)
Class 156 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)*
Class 158 Cummins EP (Armstrong Powerhouse)*
Abellio Scotrail Class 170 Pack (Vulcan Productions)*
Class 320/321 Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)*
JPA Wagon Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)*

Additional Requirements:
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Armstrong Powerhouse Track Enhancement (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Hope you enjoy the scenario!