4K60 10:07 Hunslet Yard (Flhh)-York Yard South (Fhh)

4K60 10:07 Hunslet Yard (Flhh)-York Yard South (Fhh)

19th June 2021 2 By Robbo13

4K60 10:07 Hunslet Yard (Flhh)-York Yard South (Fhh)

Morning driver. Welcome on board 4K60 10:07 Hunslet Yard (Flhh)-York Yard South (Fhh). We have just been held at the signal just before Milford Junction, but should be clear now. Your consist today includes 2 66s and 4 HHA wagons. When you arrive at York Yard South, you will be doing a bit of shunting to get to the wagon shop. Remember, your max speed is 75mph.

How to Install
1. Extract using 7zip.
2. Copy Contents into Railworks
3. Done!

Route: [OTS] Harrogate Loop V2


Class 66 LED Headlights
Fuller Sim Class 185
Drax Biomass Wagons

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 31*
Class 37 Vol.2
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 56*
Class 66 EP
Class 67 EP
Class 68 EP*
Class 91 EP
Class 142
Class 158P EP
HHA wagon
HIA wagon*
JNA wagon*
Weather EP

BH reskins
Sky 1 Class 91 reskin

Class 08 EWS & FL
Class 31 pack 02
Class 56
Class 66 Pack 02 and 03 (EWS & FL)
Class 67 pack 01
Class 68*
Class 91
Corris Railway
European loco and asset pack
Fastline Simulations ZCA sea urchins ex VDA- EWS*
Riviera Line

Just Trains
Class 20
Class 153
RHTT wagons
ZZA snowplough

Class 43 Revamp pack
Tour de France Class 158

Class 144 Northern

GBRF HYA Wagons (UKTS ID-21457)

Vulcan Productions
Fertis Class 56 reskin*

Anything marked with * is only used as static AI only. The scenario can still be completed if you do not have these.

I hope you enjoy this scenario, it will hopefully be the first of many on Harrogate Loop. However if you do have any issues or there are any problems, please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue.

20/6/21 23:49PM
Duration in menu changed to 35mins.
Issue on stream meant another test, which worked correctly. A new download file is now included.

21/06/21 21:31PM
Now no longer uses East Coast 91 AP (ND). New download now available to fix this.