[LD] 1228 London Paddington – Cheltenham Spa

[LD] 1228 London Paddington – Cheltenham Spa

22nd May 2022 2 By Luin Danso

Hello, this is one ‘standard’ scenario for the Western Mainlines Electrification project route available from ATS.
Duration: 50 minutes.
Track Covered:
Western Mainlines Electrification project

To install, simply extract the .zip file using whichever software you have and copy the ‘Content’ folder to your RailWorks install “usually” found here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks
>Scenario Guide:
You begin this scenario at London Paddington. You are working 1G15 the 12:28 from London Paddington to Cheltenham Spa which you will go as far as Swindon on this journey. You are driving the iconic Class 43 HST former sets (43155 and 43121) raking seven Mark 3 Coaches. You will be running ontime to the booked schedule. The timetable on this scenario is using the timetable dated back in May 2018 when the HST’s were being withdrawn . Therefore in this scenario, you will expect a lot more Class 800s doing diagrams than HSTs and Class 387s filling in Heathrow Express services due to the Class 332 not being available as this scenario was created.

Calling Patterns:

Didcot Parkway

AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
AP Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 43 Valenta Enhancement Pack
AP Class 800/803 Enhancement Pack
AP Track Enhancement Pack
Class 800: GWR Pride
DTG’s Class 801
AP Class 387/379 Enhancement Pack
Heathrow Express Class 387
DTG’s Great Eastern Mainline
Major Wales Design’s Class 360 Heathrow Express Reskin
DTG’s Chatham Mainline
Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
DTG’s Portsmouth Direct Line
Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack
JustTrains’ Class 220/221 Voyager (2019+)
DTG Class 166 (GWR)
DTG’s Class 66 EWS V2.0 & Freightliner V2.0
Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 66 Enhancement Pack
AP JHA Wagon Pack Enhancement Pack
AP JPA Wagon Pack Enchancement Pack