[43] 1S03 (East Garforth to York, 2018)

[43] 1S03 (East Garforth to York, 2018)

26th September 2019 2 By Dark-Centurion678

(For best experience, read included PDF manual)

Between the 26th Sept and the 2nd Oct (and again on the 18th Oct), 2018, LNER had to borrow one of ScotRail’s brand new HST power cars to stand in for an LNER power car. The power car in question was 43163, and on this real-world run, on the 27th Sept, was paired with LNER’s 43257 “Bounds Green”.

You will drive from East Garforth on the Selby Line to York.



DPSimulations East Coast Mainline: North East

Enhancement Packs:

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 MTU EP
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 91 EP
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/153/156 SP (Discontinued)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 Cummins EP
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 220/221/222 SP
Major Wales Design Class 153 Revamp

Rolling Stock:

Dovetail Games Class 91
Dovetail Games Class 159
Dovetail Games European Loco & Asset Pack
Finchy Class 185
Just Trains Class 20
Just Trains Class 153
Just Trains Class 220/221 2019


Ash992478/James Ivell/Lewis Clowes Class 43 VTEC/LNER
Ash992478/CHS/BHR/JI/LC Class 91 VTEC/LNER
Lewis Clowes Class 43 ScotRail 7 Cities
Major Wales Design Class 155 Northern

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