3S03 1015 Kings Norton to Kings Norton RHTT

3S03 1015 Kings Norton to Kings Norton RHTT

26th March 2021 3 By Corn

Deputising for the usual MPV, take a pair of 37s on an RHTT diagram starting from Kings Norton and heading down to Bromsgrove before heading north to Lichfield Trent Valley. But first, you’ll need to cold start the locos and shunt over to the departure line.

Payware Requirements:

Just trains:
Class 20 Advanced (for RHTT wagons)

Birmingham Cross City Line
Class 66 pack 02 (Freightliner)
Class 66 pack 03 (EWS)
Class 170 pack
Class 220 pack
Class 390 pack

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 37 Volume 2 Locomotive pack
Class 66 enhancement pack

Freeware Requirements:

Class 170 Arriva Crosscountry reskin
Class 170 London Midland reskin

DP simulation:
Class 390 virgin reskin by Horgy