[395 EP] 1C09 0520 Broadstairs to London St Pancras

[395 EP] 1C09 0520 Broadstairs to London St Pancras

4th July 2024 12 By Jack Pease

A full run (Career mode) from Ramsgate Depot to Broadstairs and then onto London St Pancras, utilising the Steam workshop route merge and SamT’s newly released Class 395 enhancement pack. All AI is according to the actual timetable. 

Essential Requirements

  • London to Faversham High Speed (DTG)
  • Chatham Main Line to Dover and Ramsgate (DTG)
  • Chatham Main Line: London-Gillingham (DTG)
  • London Victoria + St Pancras to Dover and Ramsgate (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298545317)
  • Sky & Weather EP 2.0 (AP)
  • Cloud EP (AP)
  • Class 395 Enhancement Pack (SamT) (https://www.samtsm.co.uk/enhancements/class-395-enhancement-pack/)

AI Requirements (not necessary to run the train on the route, but for realism)

  • Chatham Main Line: London to Gillingham (DTG)
  • Class 700 ‘Thameslink’ (DTG)
  • Class 700/707/717 EP (AP)
  • Class 375/377 EP (AP)
  • Class 222 Advanced 2019 (JT)
  • ICE 3 407 ‘New ICE’ (DTG)
  • GEML: London to Ipswich (DTG)
  • Class 465 (DTG)
  • East Midlands Railway Class 360 (https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/emr-360/)
  • Class 374 Eurostar (https://www.rwcentral.com/files/file/520-el-eurostar-e320/)

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip the compressed folder, and inside you will find a ‘Content’ folder. Simply copy and paste this into your RailWorks directory. 


  • 05/07/2024 – fixed issue with scenario not installing to correct route.