3 China Clay Scenario’s for the Cornish Mainline

3 China Clay Scenario’s for the Cornish Mainline

13th October 2022 0 By Eddiestobart17

3 Scenario’s for the Cornish Mainline.

DB Breakdown Exeter St David’s to St Blazey.

Drive a double headed Class 66 from Plymouth to St Blazey ( Par ) then Do some shunting around St Blazey.

Exeter Riverside to Burngullow.

Drive a Class 66 with some China Clay Wagons to Burngullow E.C.C from Plymouth on this scenario.

China Clay to Exeter Riverside.

Drive a Class 66 from St Blazey through to Plymouth on this Scenario while loaded with 1800.

Install should be to Put the folder into the Railworks Folder and then extract should just automatically install itself.


Armstrong Powerhouse.

Class 66 Enhancement Pack.

Class 43 MTU MK3 Enhancement Pack.

Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack.

Class 150/2 Pack.

EWS Class 66 Pack from Steam.

Just Trains Voyager.

Class 43 Revamped GWR Pack from Major Wales Design.

I hope you enjoy these Scenarios.