2Y28 13.51 Sheffield – Leeds (1989)

2Y28 13.51 Sheffield – Leeds (1989)

15th May 2019 0 By Matt Carroll

A scenario for the wonderful Leeds Lines route. Clearly there are some compromises as the layout and appearance of the route, particularly around Leeds, has changed since 1989. However, hopefully there is still the feel of the time when the wires had not long gone up and Leeds station was a lot darker than it is today.

On Friday 19th May, 37425 was called upon to haul an ailing class 101 unit forming an early afternoon service from Sheffield to Leeds. Join the run at Moorthorpe and work through to destination. This was quite a common occurrance at the time, as the Pacer fleet suffered with transmission problems and DMUs already retired were dragged back into service. Mainly class 31s and 47s were employed, how Eastfield’s 37425 ended up on one of these trains isn’t known. Year : 1989.

Requirements :
Leeds Line route, available from Alan Thomson Simulation (and associated requirements)

Armstrong Powerhouse :
Sky and weather enhancement pack
Class 37 volume 1
Class 101/117/121 sound pack (and associated class 101 requirements)
Mark 1 coach pack (DT)
Mark 2a-2c coach pack
Mark 2d-2f coach pack
Class 91 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
HST Valenta enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Class 142 pack
Class 150/1 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Class 150/2 pack
AP38 Riviera Line scenario pack additional stock for BG and class 47 liveries (static consist only)

Virgin Trains pack 1
Class 143 Provincial (and associated requirements)
BR Blue Diesel and Electric pack 2 (static consist only)

Ben Yates’s Trans-Pennine Class 47 & Mk1 NEA reskin pack from Vulcan Productions (and associated requirements)

rfletcher72 Class 144 West Yorkshire PTE ‘Metro Train’ reskin (from DPSimulation)

Backdated Train Sim BR Intercity Original Class 47/8 pack (and associated requirements)

I hope you enjoy this scenario.