2T16 1200 Exeter St Davids-Paignton

2T16 1200 Exeter St Davids-Paignton

31st October 2020 0 By WesternPathfinder

A scenario for the Railways of Devon and Cornwall Version 11. Taken from the 28/10/20 WTT, the scenario is focused on one of the temporary services between Exeter St Davids and Paignton while the line to Exmouth is closed for track and platform renewals. All AI trains are to the WTT, with specific class allocations seen on all services. Hopefully this should be an enjoyable run along the Riviera Line.

MK3 Sliding Door Pack
HST Improvement Patch
Railways of Devon and Cornwall V11 (And associated requirements)

Class 150/2
Class 158 Cummins EP
Class 43 MTU EP
MK1 Pack

East Coast Mainline South
North Somerset Railway

Class 159 (NSE)
Riviera Line

Major Wales:
Class 43 Revamp Pack
Class 143 Revamp Pack
Class 158 ‘Plawwie’ patch

Just Trains:
Voyager Advanced

Golden Goldsmith Scenarios:
BOTH P&DSR Carriage Packs

GWR Class 800 Reskin
To install either install the RWP Via Railworks Tools or extract the RWP and copy/paste the relevant files into your Railworks Directory.
That should be it, as always if there are any issues with the scenario or if I’ve missed anything off the requirements list then please let me know and I will rectify as soon as I can. Enjoy!