2T11 0547 Tonbridge – Strood (1996)

2T11 0547 Tonbridge – Strood (1996)

16th January 2021 2 By Chris Horsfield

This 65-minute long scenario is set on Monday 30th September 1996, just 2 weeks before Connex commenced operating the South Eastern franchise. Beginning the scenario in Jubilee Sidings at Tonbridge, you must start your unit from cold, and head into Tonbridge Station to operate the 0547 service to Strood, calling at all stations via the Medway Valley Line. There is no time for messing about though, the duration from start of scenario in the sidings to an on-time departure from the station is only 7 minutes! Good luck!

Within this download I have also included my patch to fix the issue with the internal headcode blinds on the AP Class 411/412 pack (it was a differing font from the external view, which wasn’t completed before release), aswell as an update to the Config files which had a few errors.

Also thrown in for good measure are the .bin files to allow empty trains (Class 421 CIG and Class 423 VEP stock) at Tonbridge.



Chatham & Medway Valley Line
BR Class 33
BR Class 421 (4CIG)
BR Class 423 (4VEP)
BR Class 460 Juniper
BR Class 465 EMU

Class 205 DEMU Pack
Class 33 Sound Pack
Class 411/412 EMU Pack
Class 421/422/423 Sound Pack
Class 465 Enhancement Pack

Class 205 BR font Headcode Blinds (HD)
Class 421 Texture Patch
Class 423 Texture Patch
Networker Destinations Pack

VP Class 73 Pack

Have a lovely journey!