2P53 17:18 London Waterloo to Haslemere

2P53 17:18 London Waterloo to Haslemere

24th March 2020 1 By Cactus732

Taking a break from my bombardment of Great Eastern Scenarios we slide over to Waterloo where you’ll be at the controls of 450012 leading classmates 119 and 095 on a stopping service to Haslemere with the Evening Peak in full swing.

Due to intensive AI between London and Wimbledon this scenario will NOT function in 32bit, and I recommend reducing graphic settings in 64bit to ensure smooth running. (Your setups are probably significantly better than mine so I won’t give specific recommendations)

Scenario Route: Portsmouth Direct Line London Waterloo-Portsmouth Harbour
Scenario Length: 65 Minutes


DTG Portsmouth Direct Line
Thomson (Steam) 455/9 + Ash99478 (VP) SWR reskin
AP Class 450 Enhancement + dependencies
AP Class 158/159 Cummins Enhancement + dependencies + Ash99478 (VP) SWR Cracker Reskin
APW Class 456 + Ash99478 (VP) SWR Reskin
ATS Class 700/707/717 Desiro City Pack + Dependencies
JT Chiltern Mainline or Western Mainlines (Optional for AI S-Stock)
AP Sky/Weather Enhancement (Optional)

Apologies to 442 fans, this scenario was completed and set during the period while the piggies were experiencing signalling difficulties so they are not featured in this scenario.