2P15 08:02 Smitham – London Victoria (1992)

2P15 08:02 Smitham – London Victoria (1992)

27th April 2022 3 By Mattg17

A scenario for South London to Brighton

Briefing:: Besides Thameslink, Network Southeast Class 319’s had booked work operating Central Division suburban services. Today you shall oversee a morning peak train back into London starting from Smitham, having recently arrived there empty from London Bridge.

Requirements, Some are optional, please consult the included readme:

DTG (Steam)
South London Network
London – Brighton
Chatham Mainline
Danny’s South London to Brighton Route (Steam Workshop)
Gatwick Express Class 73
Class 455/8
Class 455/9
Class 415
Class 421
Class 423

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 205 DEMU Pack
Class 319 EMU Pack Vol.2
Class 411/412 EMU Pack
Class 455 EP Vol. 1
Class 456 EMU Pack
Sky / Weather EP

rf72 Class 73/2 InterCity Swallow
rf72 Class 415 BR Blue/Grey