2N11 12:50 Bletchley to Bedford Midland (1999)

2N11 12:50 Bletchley to Bedford Midland (1999)

25th July 2021 4 By Stenkil

Hello everyone! a scenario for Marston Vale line. The 90s spree is still on so here’s another one for all of you to enjoy.

Description: Silverlink often found their first generation DMUs to be unreliable on Marston Vale line services. As introduction of Sprinters were delayed loco hauled diagram was brought into picture temporarily. Fragonset supplied the locomotives and two Mk2 coaches on hire. Today you will drive one of the services up to Bedford.

Briefing: Being stabled here since morning 12:50 Silverlink service to Bedford will be your first service of the day. The journey time is around 45 minutes and you will be calling at all stops. Enjoy the beautiful February afternoon with peds chugging along.

Scenario name: [SSP] 2N11 12:50 Bletchley to Bedford Midland
Route: Marston Vale line
Type: Standard
Traction: 31601 + 2x Mk2a + 31468
Start and end locations: Bletchley and Bedford
Duration: 40-45 minutes
Year: 1999


1. Class 121 NSE
2. BR Class 31
3. WCML Over Shap
4. Birmingham Cross City line*

1. Class 43 Valenta EP
2. Class 319 Vol. 2 pack
3. Class 321 pack*
4. Class 90/Mk3 DVT
5. Class 37 Vol. 2 pack
6. Class 31 EP
7. Class 317 Vol.1 pack*
8. Mk2a-c coach pack

1. Virgin Trains West Coast Loco Hauled Pack
2. Class 121 Silverlink
3. Class 121 Ex-NSE Silverlink

1. The Marston Vale Line (ID: 36624)

1. FP classic diesel and electric pack*

1. Class 323 – West Midlands Pack*