2K60 07:00 Sheerness on Sea to London Victoria

2K60 07:00 Sheerness on Sea to London Victoria

5th June 2020 4 By Cactus732

Aside from the off-peak Class 466 shuttle to Sittingbourne, Sheerness-On-Sea is also served by peak time through trains to London Victoria. The 2nd service of the day is the 07:00 booked as a 6-car networker. In this scenario you will drive either 466004 leading 465911 or 377164 subsituting for a failed 465911 on a warm summer morning.

Scenario Length: 1hr 45min.
Scenario Route: London Victoria + St Pancras to Faversham 2016

-weather patterns and AI are different in each scenario should you wish to drive both-



Class 465/466EP Volume 2
Class 375/377EP
Class 377/379/387EP
Class 455EP Volume 2
Mk.1 Coach Pack
Sky/weather EP


Flying Scotsman
Freightliner Class 57
Brighton Mainline
Class 378 Capitalstar or North London Line
Class 455/8
Class 465/2
Portsmouth Direct Line


Desiro City Pack


West Coast Railways Class 57

I originally created this scenario for Steam Workshop, this is v2 on ATS, Changelog for the current version:

-Replaced Hornsey Studios Class 465 with AP Volume 2
-Replaced DTG Class 455s with AP Volume 2
-Replaced Superalbs Class 387s with AP 387EP
-Reformatted driver briefing
-Manipulated AI to cause more adverse signals