2J69 14:50 Gospel Oak – Barking & 2J72 return

2J69 14:50 Gospel Oak – Barking & 2J72 return

5th April 2019 2 By Bill Dalton

In light of the GOBLIN train crisis caused by class 710 unreliability, there has been an investment in the necessary infrastructure required for 315s withdrawn from TFL Rail to run on the line.

Your task is to take 315 858 on a return trip to Barking. All 315s have been repainted in an unexpected move and 378 232 is also helping out today!

You may need to TAB some faulty signals at Blackhorse Road and Woodgrange Park

Don’t forget to set up the GSMR


Class 92 (DTG)

Class 92 Sound Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Class 314/315 (Armstrong Powerhouse)

North London and GOBLIN 2017-2018 (Steam Workshop)

Class 66 Enhancement Pack and associated core requirements (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement Pack

WCML Trent Valley