2H78 17:38 Hastings to London Charing Cross

2H78 17:38 Hastings to London Charing Cross

2nd March 2023 9 By Bill Dalton

Stock shortages at South Eastern Trains during the Class 375 introduction and Class 465/9 conversions meant an extended reprieve for the three Class 411/6s cascaded from South West Trains into 2005.
Now in their final few weeks of operation, take 1697 and 1699 on the last leg of a Hastings to Charing Cross working, from Tonbridge.

Services in this scenario are based off the May 2005 Working Timetable.
The AP weather is set to random

Please make sure you have all requirements installed, including patches, for the scenario to work correctly. Enjoy πŸ™‚

From Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 319 EMU Pack Vol. 2
Class 325 Enhancement Pack
Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
Class 411/412 EMU Pack
Class 455 Enhancement Pack Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Class 456 EMU Pack
Class 465 Enhancement Pack Vol. 1
Class 423 Ex Connex Reskin (from Class 455 EP vol. 1 extra stock)
Signal EP
Sky & Weather EP 2.0

From ATS
Class 508: Connex SouthEastern/SouthEastern (JamesIvell) (and its prerequisites)
Class 375 Destination Update (Chris Horsefield)
Networker Destinations Pack V4 – includes ex-NSE 465/466 reskin (Chris Horsefield)
Class 375 β€˜610’ Blue & Goldstripe (JamesIvell)

From Steam
Class 423 EMU Pack

From Steam Workshop
SouthEastern Network: SEML, Mid-Kent and Bromley North V1.1 (and its prerequisites)

Please copy the β€œContent” folder for this scenario into your Railworks Directory.

Disclaimer – I have intentionally left most depots clear of stock as this was causing out of memory crashes unfortunately.