2E65 9:46 Airdrie-Balloch

2E65 9:46 Airdrie-Balloch

28th March 2020 0 By stephen bell

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In this scenario you are in charge of an early morning service from Airdrie to Balloch.You will be stopping at most stations along the way.Your motive power is a pair of Class 320/4s.

You will need the following:
Suburban Glasgow

Great Eastern Mainline
Network South East Class 159
Southern Class 455/8

UKTrain Sim
UKTS 38730 ScotRail Class 334 ‘Juniper’ (Abelio ScotRail version)
UKTS 38523 Scotrail Class 318

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack