2C08 Norwich to Great Yarmouth

2C08 Norwich to Great Yarmouth

21st December 2020 0 By Gareth Davies


Good morning driver. Today’s morning roster is from Norwich to Great Yarmouth on a Class 156 unit. Please setup your unit from cold. Please refer to drivers manual if unsure.

Please be advised you may be asked to stop at Berney Arms.

The driver of the service in front of you reported issues, so be warned, we may well have to hold you for a while outside Brundall, please await further instructions.


– Wherry Lines
– Armstrong Powerhouse – Class 156
– Armstrong Powerhouse – Class 321
– Armstrong Powerhouse – Class 66 + JNA Wagons
– Armstrong Powerhouse – Class 90 ( STEAM VERSION ).
– Armstrong Powerhouse – Weather EP
– ChristTrains NSG*
– Just Trains – Class 153
– Major Wales – Class 153 Revamp
– ATS – Class 321 Purple

**Author Notes**

Thank you for downloading my scenario. Everything should work as intended, please do not TAB at signals unless stated. Most requirements above are needed to have intended immersion around Norwich. Due to TS not having a 745/755 variants I have chosen to include the NSG by ChrisTrains. It’s similar and just makes abit more interesting!, don’t worry if you don’t have it though as it’s just static stock!.

Thanks again for playing, feedback is most welcome