2B57 0912 Cardiff Central to Swansea

2B57 0912 Cardiff Central to Swansea

5th February 2019 4 By Daniel Sandow

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Take an ECS 142 from Canton Depot to Cardiff after starting its engines, you will then work the 2B57 0912 Cardiff Central to Swansea Transport For Wales stopping service. All AI and timings are as per the real schedule, this is only my second published scenario so feel free to leave feedback, please dont expect lots of AI, this is a fairly quiet route IRL


Armstrong Powerhouse
BAABZA Wagon Pack
158 EP
175 EP
Class 150
HHA Wagon Pack
Sky and Weather EP
Class 142
Class 60 SP (for DB reskin)
Class 66 EP

Bristol – Cardiff Route
Bristol – Swansea Route
ECML South
Euro Loco & Assets Pack
Class 70 Freightliner (for wagons)
Class 159
Class 66 Pack 03
Riviera Line

Just Trains
Class 60 Advanced


Major Wales Website

175 TFW Reskin
TFW Vinyl 143s
Ex Arriva/Poppy 150 Reskin
Ex Arriva 158 Reskin
Ex Arriva 175 reskin
142 Refurb Pack

RFletcher TEA Murco Reskin

GWR 800 reskin
Arriva Refurbished 143 reskin