2B53 0911 Swansea – Newport

2B53 0911 Swansea – Newport

28th February 2019 0 By bt26

Drive an Ex-ATW branded Transport for Wales Class 158 on a stopping service from Swansea to Newport.
Scenario run time: ~93 minutes.

Requirements (Freeware links in readme, * = static AI only):
South Wales Coastal: Bristol to Swansea
European Loco and Asset Pack
Riviera Line
Settle to Carlisle
BR Sectors Class 56
EWS Class 66 V2.0*
Freightliner Class 66 V2.0*
EWS Class 67
Freightliner Class 70*
Network SouthEast Class 159
Class 170 ‘Turbostar’ DMU
Hitachi Class 801*

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 43 (MTU) Enhancement Pack
Class 56 Enhancement Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack*
Class 142 Pack
Class 150/2 Pack
Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (Recommended, not required)
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack

Just Trains:
Class 60 Advanced
Class 153 DMU Advanced
Cargowaggon Flat IGA PlusPak

Digital Traction:
British Rail Wagon Pack (1960s-2000)

Class 70 ‘Colas Rail’*
TDA ‘Murco Petroleum’*
Mk3a ‘Arriva Trains Wales’

Class 143: Arriva Trains Wales Refurbished
Class 800: Great Western Railway*

Major Wales Design:
Class 142 Revamp Pack (Recommended, not required)
C143 Ex-ATW
C150/2 Ex-ATW
C153 ATW
C158 Ex-ATW [By Lewis Clowes]
C175 Ex-ATW
C175 TfW

Class 60 Pack

HST: Great Western Railway ‘Welshman’
HST: Great Western Railway 43093 ‘Old Oak Common’

James Ivell:
Class 66 LED Headlights*
Arriva Trains Wales Class 67 & Mk3 DVT Pack