2B12 07:05 Moorgate-Hertford North

2B12 07:05 Moorgate-Hertford North

28th March 2020 0 By Cactus732

In this short scenario you will be at the controls of 313035 leading classmate 060 on a stopping service from Moorgate to Hertford Loop. You depart during the morning peak, but you’re going against the traffic so it should be a normal run.

Scenario Route: ECMLS & Hertford Loop
Scenario Length: 50 Minutes


ECMLS & Hertford Loop + Backdated Trainsim ECMLS Moorgate extension
APW Class 313 + Guterbahnhof Great Northern Old Reskin
AP Class 365 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies
AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies + ATS LNER/VTEC Pack
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack + Dependencies*
AP MTU HST + Dependencies + ATS LNER/VTEC Pack*
ATS Desiro City Pack
DTG Class 180*
Superalbs Class 387 Thameslink/Great Northern + Dependencies*

*=Optional Statics not required for scenario functionality