2A39 12:38 Matlock-Nottingham

2A39 12:38 Matlock-Nottingham

21st October 2020 4 By WelshyJim

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On a winters afternoon drive 2A39 from Matlock to Nottingham. The area has been hit by a snow storm so remember to take care.

JT Midland Mainline and extensions
AP Weather
AP 156
AP 170 enhancement pack
AP 158 enhancement packs (Cummins and Perkins)
AP Class 66 enhancement Pack
AP JPA Wagon
JT 222
JT 220
Class 158 EX-EMT (East Midlands Railway) By Clowes avaliable on ATS

Fixed the train derailment issue. I have driven through the scenario and now get no issue. Let me know if you do though, thank you.
I think that’s everything. As always constructive feedback is welcome and I hope you enjoy.