(2018): 5V50/1V50 09:00 Leeds-Plymouth (Sunday’s Only)

(2018): 5V50/1V50 09:00 Leeds-Plymouth (Sunday’s Only)

3rd January 2020 2 By Mark Walker

Drive a Voyager from Crofton Depot to Leeds as 5V50 on a bright Sunday morning before working 1V50 as far as Moorthorpe
Duration: 60 minutes

European Loco and Asset Pack
Class 159 NSE
Class 91
Class 56 Sectors*

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 MTU and Mk3 EP
Class 43 VP185 and Mk3 EP
Class 158/159 Cummins EP
Class 56 EP*
Class 158 Perkins EP
Class 150/2
Class 91 and Mk4 EP
Class 66 EP
JNA Wagon*
Class 321
Class 142

Leeds Lines Phase 2
LNER 225 Pack
Northern UB Class 322
Arriva Northern Class 158 Variants
Just Trains
Voyager Advanced 2019
Fuller Simulations
Class 185 (Class 175 version)

Major Wales
Class 142 Ex Northern Rail

*Denotes Non-Essential Requirement

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