[2003] 1P26 07:42 Manchester Piccadilly – London St Pancras

[2003] 1P26 07:42 Manchester Piccadilly – London St Pancras

25th February 2019 0 By Turboftg

Take a HST on a ride between Bedford and St Pancras during the days of ‘Project Rio’ which saw Midland Mainline trains running between London St Pancras and Manchester Piccadilly due to upgrades on the West Coast Main Line. In this scenario, you will be driving a mixture of ex-Virgin and Midland Mainline HST stock on the final leg between Bedford and London. The morning rush is over so traffic has considerably reduced compared to an hour or so earlier however as always keep your eyes peeled for signals and speed limits.

The timetable used is based on the present one however modifications to the timetable has been made for this scenario to reflect the early 2000s (e.g. no Corby trains, Thameslink trains to and from Moorgate) so traffic should hopefully be not too far-fetched! Your train is based on 125 mph 222 timings however it is possible to reach stations on time without harsh acceleration and braking, just don’t drive too leisurely!


Midland Mainline – London to Bedford

Player Train:
DTG European Assets Pack
AP Class 43 Valenta / Mk3 Enhancement Pack
Alan Thomson Sim Class 43 Improvement Patch by JamesIvell

AI Trains:
AP Class 319 Volume 2
AP Class 43 VP185 / Mk3 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
DTG Class 170 Add-on
UKTS ID 23548 – NSE Class 317/1 (static only – not required to play scenario)
UKTS ID 33091 – WAGN Class 317/1 (static only – not required to play scenario)

AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (used in this scenario, but should work without it)
AP Track Enhancement Pack (optional but recommended)

In-game note:
You might get a red signal at Bedford South Junction, just tab after you have left the station and you should be able to proceed to cross to the fast lines at speed.

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