1Z90 Bath Christmas Market

1Z90 Bath Christmas Market

22nd April 2023 0 By stephen bell

In this scenario you will be driving 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley from Newbury Racecourse to Bath Spa.This tour was
4498’s last run before heading to Crewe to be repainted into Experimental Blue.

You will need the following:

A4 Locomotive Pack
Welsh Marches Line (Unbranded)
ECML South
Chatham Mainline (any one will do)
EWS Class 66 V2
Freightliner Class 66 V2
NSE Class 159

Armstrong Powerhouse
MK1 Coach Pack
MK2 D-F Coach Pack
JTA Wagon Pack
JHA Wagon Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 158/159 Cummnins Enhancement Pack
Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack

Just Trains
South West Expressways – Reading

Backdated Train Sim
Locomotive Services Ltd. Mk2 Pack
Statesman Rail Pullman Mk2 and Mk1 Pack

Major Wales Design
LSL Class 47 BR Green

Peppercorn Works
61306 ‘Mayflower’s Support Coach

The Erecting Shop
A4 No. 4498 ‘ Sir Nigel Gresley’
LNER Black (2022)

Class 166 – Great Western Railway