1Z90 07:12 London Euston – Glasgow Central

1Z90 07:12 London Euston – Glasgow Central

22nd December 2020 1 By 170_414

Good morning driver you have just arrived at Euston for your morning shift. Today you have the special opportunity to drive Locomotive Services Limited class 90002 “Wolf of Badenoch” and 82139 between London Euston and Rugby on the Royal Scot Railtour. You will be only making stops at Milton Keynes Central and Rugby en route.

Armstrong Powerhouse;
Class 43 Valenta Enhancement Pack
Class 90/MK3 DVT Locomotive Pack
MK2 D-F Coach Pack
Class 390 Sound Pack
Class 350 Enhancement Pack

Bodge It TMD LSL ICS Class 90 reskin
Caledonian Sleeper Mk3 pack

WCML South Route Addon
North London Line Route Addon

Just Trains;
Voyager Advance 2019 Locomotive Pack

Major Wales Design;
Class 390 Avanti West Coast Livery Pack