1Z86 07:10 London Euston – Carlisle

1Z86 07:10 London Euston – Carlisle

23rd February 2022 0 By 170_414

Scenario Description;
You have just took over the controls of WCRC class 86259 “les ross” outside Stafford station and you’ll drive the train as far as Preston making a intermediate stop at Crewe on route on a Cumbrian Mountain Express rail tour. Your train takes the form of a class 86 and 11 WCRC MK1 coaches.

Scenario Requirements;


ATS WCML Midlands and Northwest(aka missing link)

Rolling Stock;

AP Class 86 Loco EP
AP Class 66 Loco EP
AP Class 68 Loco EP
AP Class 37 Vol 1 Loco Addon
AP Class 37 Vol 2 Loco Addon
AP Class 90 Loco Addon
AP Class 90 Freightliner PH Loco Addon
AP Class 319 Vol 1 Loco Addon
AP Class 175 DMU 2.0 EP
AP Class 350 EMU EP
AP Class 390 EMU SP
AP FTA/FSA Wagon Addon
AP JNA/C Wagon Addon
AP JPA Wagon Addon
AP MK1 Coach Rolling Stock Pack

DTG North Wales Coastal Route Addon/WCML South (For avanti 221)

JT Class 153 Advanced
JT Class 220/221 Advanced

VP MK1 Mega Pack Addon


MJW Class 153 Revamp
MJW Class 390 Revamp


DP Simulation Megafret LessCo2 Wagon Reskin
MJW Class 153 TFW Reskin

Enjoy the scenario, any feedback is always welcomed.