1Z66 Stevenage – Norwich ‘The Powerful Parkeston Panorama’

1Z66 Stevenage – Norwich ‘The Powerful Parkeston Panorama’

2nd June 2023 2 By GeorgeBeany

Drive the UKRailtours ‘The Powerful Parkeston Panorama’ tour from Stevenage to Canonbury Reverse with Class 66 66748 and 66765.

In the morning of Saturday 27th May 2023, the tour starts from Stevenage running down the East Coast Mainline to Finsbury Park where it then heads to the North London Line and runs all the way to Stratford. It then runs up to Norwich via Bury St Edmunds and the Breckland Line stopping off at various freight loops along the route. It then goes down the GEML to Harwich to run on the rare Parkeston Carless Curve near Harwich, this being the first passenger train to run that bit of track in over 20 years. Then it returns back to Stevenage via the outward route.

You will be driving the outward journey from Stevenage as far as Canonbury Reverse picking up passengers at Stevenage, Potters Bar and Finsbury Park.

Class 700
EWS Class 66
ECML South
Class 801 (Bundled with ECMLS)
Chatham Mainline Original
Class 86

Class 700/707/717 EP
Class 800-803 EP
Class 377/379/387 EP
Class 86 EP
Class 66 EP
MK2 A-C & D-F

Riviera Trains Pack MK2 Pack
Class 387 ex-C2C Great Northern

Semaphore Simulations:
Class 700/707/717 Patch

(Please Note that the diverted Caledonian Sleeper that features in this scenario uses a Class 86, this is because I do not own the Class 92. But feel free to swap it out.)