1Z63 – The Bournemouth Belle – 05/07/2017

1Z63 – The Bournemouth Belle – 05/07/2017

12th June 2020 0 By Ben Broomfield


1Z67 – VIC to BMH 55 mins

Scenario’s Description:

1Z67 – take 35028 ‘Clan Line’ from outside Southampton to Bournemouth. We’re sadly 10 mins late & have lost our path and now have been put behind a few services! This ain’t gonna be a smooth run!


**Required For Intended Immersion (but will still function if not present)

BMG Rebuilt Merchant Navy Class Locomotive*

VP BR Mk1 Mega Pack*

SSS/MT Pre-War Pullmans Pack (Set 3)

AP 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack**
AP 444/450 Enhancement Pack**
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack**
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack**

ATS 220/221 Updated Consists**
ATS Class 66 (No Driver Pack)**

JT 220/221 Voyager**

DTG/RSC Freightliner Class 70**
DTG/RSC Freightliner/EWS Class 08**

DTG South Western Mainline: Southampton – Bournemouth*


AP Weather Enhancement Pack**

*** PLUS all the necessary associated requirements ***

Notes when playing:

– Keep a eye on loco’s boiler water levels (via gauge glasses) if using Auto Fireman. The fireman does NOT fill the boiler on this loco & has to be done manually – regardless of whether Auto Fireman is ON: via loco or settings.

– AI is not 100% representative of services at the time, purely just to add more liveliness/enjoyment during the run.

– There is a BUG with signals E731 & E735 at Southampton, please TAB when asked in the scenario.