1Z63 07.45 Tonbridge – Swanage

1Z63 07.45 Tonbridge – Swanage

11th April 2023 3 By James Underwood

On the 26th September 2016, UK Railtours ran a charter from Tonbridge to Swanage (The Purbeck Adventurer), hauled by a pair of GBRf Class 73’s.
You are driving part of this railtour from the start at Tonbridge to Signal V135, just before Clapham Junction. You will also be making stops at Sevenoaks, Orpington and Bromley South en-route.

The tour was hauled by 73109 + 73107. With no GBRf reskin for 73109, I have swapped it for 73141.

Timings are from Sixbellsjunction, the actual times were not recorded between Tonbridge and Bromley South, so these were guesswork but it links in with the late arrival at Bromley South as
per real life as it actually left at 08.18.

AI was taken from the 2016 Network Rail Working Timetable and the 2016 Saturday’s Carriage Working Notice


You will need the following items:

Southeastern Network: SEML, Mid-Kent & Bromley North. v.1.1



Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack (Plus it’s essential requirements)
Class 465/466 Enhancement Pack Vol. 2 (Plus it’s essential requirements)
Class 319 Electric Multiple Unit Vol. 1
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
Signal Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack V2 (Not essential)


Class 378 EMU Add-on OR North London Line route
Gatwick Express BR Class 460 ‘Juniper’ EMU Add-On (For the Class 73)
North Somerset Railway Route Add-On (Not essential, just for the spotter scenery)


Networker Destinations Pack v4 (Plus it’s essential requirements)


VP Class 73 Pack​