1Z45 8:50 Fort William-Mallaig

1Z45 8:50 Fort William-Mallaig

19th November 2021 1 By stephen bell

In this scenario you will be driving the very first High Speed Train to run over the West Highland Extension.You
will be driving from Fort Willaim to Mallaig, with a few stops along the way to exchange the RETB Electrc tokens.

You will need the following:

West Highland Line Extension
European Loco & Asset Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse
MK1 Coach Pack Vol1
MK2A-C Coach Pack
Class 37 Vol 1
Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 43/MK3(VP185) Enhancement Pack

Bossman Games
Black 5

Major Wales Design
Class 43 Revamp Pack
LSL Midland Pullman repaint

LW Reskins
LSL Class 37