1Z44 17.30 Bury Bolton Street – London St. Pancras (2013)

1Z44 17.30 Bury Bolton Street – London St. Pancras (2013)

21st October 2022 6 By Matt Carroll

Hi, and thank you for downloading this 120 minute scenario for the Just Trains Midland Main Line with Hope Valley, Erewash Valley, and Derby-Nottingham-Leicester extensions.
To install, simply copy the enclosed ‘Content’ folder to your Railworks folder. This is a ‘Standard’ scenario and is named “[MJC] 1Z44 1730 Bury Bolton Street – St. Pancras”

***Please note that there is the possibility this scenario could ‘dump’ when loading. To attempt to mitigate against this, there is an additional scenario named “[MJC] 1Z44 pre-load”. It is suggested that you open this scenario first, drive the class 47 to Stockport (around 5 minutes), then exit and immediately load the main scenario (without closing TSC) ***

You are driving part of a return charter working that has visited the East Lancs Railway using and EMT HST set. Joining the run just outside Stockport, you will be driving to Leicester via the Hope and Erewash Valleys. You have a route conductor with you who will need to be dropped off at Stockport, where you will then pick up another route conductor as far as Chesterfield. Once they have been dropped off you are on your own through to Leicester where you will be relieved. Year: 2013.
On the Hope Valley section of the route you are not permitted to run at ‘SP’ line speeds and must observe the standard speeds. Therefore maximum speed on the Hope Valley section is 70mph.

The following are required to ensure that the scenario functions correctly:

* From Just Trains:
– Midland Main Line Derby to Sheffield https://www.justtrains.net/product/midland-main-line-sheffield-derby
– Hope Valley Line extension https://www.justtrains.net/product/midland-main-line-hope-valley-extension
– Erewash Valley extension https://www.justtrains.net/product/midland-main-line-erewash-valley
– Derby-Nottingham-Leicester extension https://www.justtrains.net/product/midland-main-line-derby-nottingham-leicester-extension
– Class 222 Meridian Advanced 2019 https://www.justtrains.net/product/class-222-advanced-2019
– Voyager Advanced 2019 https://www.justtrains.net/product/voyager-advanced-2019
– JJA Autoballaster https://www.justtrains.net/product/jja-autoballaster-pluspak

* From Steam:
– Birmingham Cross City https://store.steampowered.com/app/1515063/Train_Simulator_Birmingham_Cross_City_Line_Lichfield__Bromsgrove__Redditch_Route_AddOn/
– Class 390 (Original S9BL Version) https://store.steampowered.com/app/208343/Train_Simulator_Class_390_EMU_AddOn/

* From Alan Thomson Sim:
– Class 220/221 Updated consists by Leander https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/jt-class-220-221-no-driver-no-passengers-pack/
– Class 323 Northern Rail reskin by Olli35 https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/class-323-northern-rail/

* From DP Simulation:
– Class 390 Virgin reskin by Horgy (also included with ATS Chat Moss Route) https://dpsimulation.org.uk/miscreskins.html

* From Armstrong Powerhouse https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/ :
– Class 43 (VP185) / Mark 3 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 66 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 142 DMU pack
– Class 150/1 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 150/2 DMU pack
– Class 156 DMU pack
– Class 158 (Cummins) enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 158 (Perkins) enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 170 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
– Class 175 enhancement pack v2.0 (and associated requirements)

Optional Requirements
The following are NOT required to ensure that the scenario functions correctly, however they will add to the immersion.

* From Armstrong Powerhouse https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/ :
– Sky and Weather enhancement pack.
– JNA-C wagon pack (static)
– JPA wagon pack (static)
– Class 56 enhancement pack (and associated requirements), static only
– Class 67 enhancement pack (and associated requirements), static only

* From Just Trains:
– Class 20 Advanced (static RHTT vehicles) https://www.justtrains.net/product/class-20-advanced-collection
– Class 60 Advanced (static only) https://www.justtrains.net/product/class-60-advanced

* From Steam:
– Settle to Carlisle route (static consists only) https://store.steampowered.com/app/65255/Train_Simulator_Settle_to_Carlisle_Route_Addon/
– WCML Over Shap (static consists only) https://store.steampowered.com/app/222613/Train_Simulator_West_Coast_Main_Line_Over_Shap_Route_AddOn/

I do hope you enjoy this scenario.