1Z11 Inverness – Brora/”The Seaforth Highlander”

1Z11 Inverness – Brora/”The Seaforth Highlander”

26th May 2023 0 By Matth3w Burgess

Youtube: Train Simulator 2018: How To Swap Stock in RWTools

Scenario Tested and Works on My Machine.

> Extract the folder “Content” to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks
That should be it!

Note: The Scenarios are for Just Trains The Kyle line Inverness – Kyle of

They are also Standard type scenarios in case you wish to use A-Sync Keys
to speed up the waiting that might occur in the scenario. For more
information on A-Sync keys, there is a Youtube video by Alan Thomson that
explains it.

Youtube: Train Simulator 2019: ASYNC KEYS How To Speed Up Time In TS20XX

Scenario Information:
Date: 21st June 2015
Weather: Cloudy/Overcast
Season: Summer
Locomotive: A1 60163 Tornado
Route Taken: Inverness – Dingwall
Headcode: 1Z11 Inverness – Brora
Loco Controls: Expert

Info about Scenario
Hello, Today you take the 1Z11 Inverness to Brora or “The Seaforth
Highlander” Railtour on the First Part of the Journey from Inverness to
Dingwall. Station Booked Timings are in the scenario
Briefing/Description. That are only a guide in that they are not
timetabled but are there as a guide to try to keep to. Maximum Speed 75

Requirements: TS Classic
Route: The Kyle Line Inverness – Kyle of Localsh – Just Trains

Locomotives: Peppercorn A1 60163 Tornado – Steam

Peppercorn A1 60163 Tornado Sound Pack – Steam Sounds Superme (This also
requires Peppercorn A1 60163 Tornado – Steam)

A1 60163 Tornado Ex-works BR Apple Green – St Gloriana Gaming College/The
Erecting shop (This also requires: Peppercorn A1 60263 Tornado – Steam,
A4 Class – Steam, Peppercorn A1 60163 Tornado Sound Pack – Steam Sounds

Support Coach: A1 60163 Support Coach 2015-2020 – Peppercorn Workshop
(This also requires the Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Pack Volume 1 –
Armstrong Powerhouse)

Coaches: Armstrong Powerhouse SRPS Maroon Mk1/2 Pack from Backdated
Trainsim – Mk1 Vol.1 and Mk2 A-C Coach Packs – Armstrong Powerhouse

A.I: Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack – 170 DMU – Steam
Branding Patch for Scotrail to show up on the Class 170 (Optional) –
Armstrong Powerhouse

(Pretty sure this is the AP one, if not might be the Vulcan Productions
Scotrail 170 which requires the 170/Edinburgh-Glasgow – Steam, Class
168/170/171 – Armstrong Powerhouse)

RW Enhancer 2 – RW Central.com

AP Track Patch and Replacement Signal Lens Textures for Just Trains
(V15.02) (Requires: Kyle of Lochalsh – Just Trains, Armstrong Powerhouse
Track Enhancement Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse) Might require the
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
Scottish East Coast Mainline – Just Trains

Now modified the final destination for the Class 170 so that it is not in the station when you arrive as in reality it would go northwards, however I cannot do that because of a lack of track, so I have edited it so that it continues Westwards and terminates at Garve.

Added info about various places along the route that you go through.

Changed Requirement of RW Enhancer to RW Enhancer 2 from RW Central.

I drive using the Auto Fireman.

I use RW Enhancer 2 but the scenario might work without it.

I am unsure if you need the AP Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack V2.0 as this scenario was written before I had V2 and also V2 does not support JT’s The Kyle Line.

I am also unsure if you need the AP Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack V2 for RW Enhancer 2, I think that you do not but it may be worth asking around if you are not sure.

Around the Clachnaharry swing bridge area the frame rate drops and it is a bit laggy, I am pretty sure that it was not like that before, It might just be on my system so be aware that this could happen. I recently installed the AP Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack V2 and RW Enhancer 2 so it might be something to do with either of them but I am not sure.

I am not sure if A-sync keys will work in RW Enhancer 2, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t, at least on my system.

Duration: 55 Minutes/Difficulty: 3 Stars