1Z01 05.33 Norwich – Holyhead (Part 1) – 2019

1Z01 05.33 Norwich – Holyhead (Part 1) – 2019

6th May 2019 2 By Matt Carroll

A scenario for the wonderful GEML Norwich to Liverpool Street route by Traction Depot.

The early May bank holiday weekend sees the seaside town of Llandudno hold its annual Victorian weekend. This year, no less than four charter trains are heading their way on Saturday 4th May. As the terminus is no longer capable of handling all of these trains two of them, including this one, are running through to Holyhead, with passengers heading to Llandudno having to change at Llandudno Junction and travel by service train. You are in charge of the first leg of this special between Norwich and Ipswich, where the train will reverse and head to north Wales via March, Nuneaton and Crewe. Year : 2019

Requirements :

Traction Depot’s Great Eastern Main Line Norwich to Liverpool Street route, available on TS Workshop
(and associated requirements).

Armstrong Powerhouse :
Class 68 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Mark 2d-2f coach pack
Mark 1 coach pack (DT)
Class 170 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Class 321 pack (static consist only)
GEML Class 90 pack (Steam)
Class 90 Freightliner pack (static consist only)
Class 66 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Additional stock from AP42 / AP43 / AP44 Wherry Lines scenario packs

Just Trains :
Class 153 pack

BH Reskins Class 321 ‘Renatus’ reskin (static consist only)

Oovee class 156 (static consist only)

I hope you enjoy this scenario.