1W46 London Victoria to Brighton GX Class 387 14th 2nd 2020

1W46 London Victoria to Brighton GX Class 387 14th 2nd 2020

7th March 2020 3 By AH Productions


In this scenario, you’ll drive Class 387212 from London Victoria to Brighton along with 1 stop along the way, Gatwick airport. This scenario follows the real life timetable https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/L02912/2020-02-14/detailed.

Requirements are:

London – Brighton
South London Network
Class 66 Freightliner V2
Class 66 EWS V2
Class 465
Class 465 Southeastern Livery pack
Midland Mainline St Pancras – Bedford
Portsmouth Direct London Waterloo – Portsmouth

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 66 Enhancement Pack

Recommended:AP Weather Pack (not too sure if the scenario will work without it so i’ll put it as recommended)
AP Class 377 Sound Pack (i’m not sure how it will affect the scenario but i’d highly recommend it)

Alan Thomson Sim
Class 700/707/717 pack https://alanthomsonsim.com/?download=desiro-city-pack-class-700-707-717
Class 66 LED Headlights https://alanthomsonsim.com/?download=class-66-led-headlights

Class 387/2 Gatwick Express Reskin https://www.uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=35762

Class 375/8 Dark blue http://alienworlds.co.uk/blog/downloads-page/ it’s called Class 375/8 & 375823 – Southeastern Dark

I have swapped a few suburban Southern services with 377s as at the time of making, i don’t have the southern 455.

How to install: Extract the zip to a temporary folder. Copy the content folder to your Railworks directory
X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

Hope you enjoy!