1V16 14.42 Nottingham – Cardiff Central (1999)

1V16 14.42 Nottingham – Cardiff Central (1999)

23rd February 2019 0 By Matt Carroll

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A scenario for the wonderful XC Route Birmingham – Bristol (Extended)
Having taken over at Worcester Shrub Hill, drive 158788 on one of the few Central Trains services that
calls at all stations to Cardiff Central. Year : 1999

Requirements :
Birmingham to Bristol extended route (XC route) and associated requirements
European Loco and Asset pack
Armstrong Powerhouse :
Class 158 (Cummins) enhancement pack
Class 158 (Perkins) enhancement pack
HST Valenta enhancement pack
Class 150/2 pack
Class 142 pack
Class 56 enhancement pack
BAA/BZA wagon pack
JXA/POA wagon pack (static only)
Sky and Weather enhancement pack
Rivera Line route
EWS Class 67 pack 01
Class 56 RF Sectors
Just Trains class 153 advanced
TS Marketplace Provincial class 143
rfletcher72 Class 143 BR Regional Railways WR Cardiff Canton reskin (available from DP Simulation)
HST : Branded Virgin / Virgin XC available on ATS

I hope you enjoy this scenario.