1Q18 0611 Reading Triangle Sidings-Paignton

1Q18 0611 Reading Triangle Sidings-Paignton

21st January 2021 4 By WesternPathfinder

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This scenario follows the regular Network Rail Test Trains from Reading to Paignton, via Penzance, on the Just Trains Cornish Mainline.
Resuming the service at Plymouth, take the Colas class 67 hauled train towards Penzance. The scenario begins as a static rolling start, so all you have to do before departure is release the brakes. All AI have been included as per the real working timetables, so whilst it is not heavy, is is certainly accurate for the day.

I recommend the AP track and weather EPs as I have these installed on the route, however these are not essential.

MK1 Pack
MK2 D-F Pack
Class 158 Cummins EP
Class 67 EP
Class 150/2
Class 43 MTU EP

Class 67 EWS
Class 159 NSE
East Coast Mainline South
Cornish Mainline (Original Branded version)

Major Wales:
Class 158 ‘Plawwie’ Patch
Class 43 Revamp Pack

MK3 Sliding Door Pack
Class 158 Destination Patch
Network Rail MK1 BG/GUV Reskin

GWR Class 800 reskin

That should be it, and as always please let me know if I have missed anything off the list of dependencies. Installation can be done via RW Utilities, or extracting the contents of the RWP and copying/pasting the relevant folders into your Railworks Directory.