1P73 1145 Manchester Airport to Redcar Central

1P73 1145 Manchester Airport to Redcar Central

24th December 2022 3 By Adam Forsyth

I have been away a while, took some time off to focus on other matters however I am slowly coming back

You are the driver of a Manchester to Redcar service between Manchester and Middlesborough using a double Class 185 set. This scenario is set over 3 parts using the DTG Huddersfield Line, the Harrogate Loop V2 route and the North East England route


DTG Huddersfield Line

OTS Harrogate Loop V2 route

DPS North East England route

Alan Thomson Simulation Class 185 DMU Add On
Alan Thomason Simulation Class 158 Northern Variants
Alan Thomson Simulation Northern Class 321 Reskin

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 80x Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2 DMU Add on

Major Wales Designs Class 180 Revamp Pack
Major Wales Designs Northern Class 170 Reskin

As always this scenario has been fully tested to attempt to fix any bugs however as ever if any issues arises that I have missed, please let me know. Additionally, I welcome feedback to make my work better in the future however I do ask it is constructive