1P39: 18:25 Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle

1P39: 18:25 Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle

24th August 2022 2 By David Gregory

1P39: 1825 from Manchester Victoria to Newcastle. A real world time tabled scenario based on the 2019 TPE timetable, and created using the Don Coffey video of this exact service.

“Hello Driver, welcome aboard 1P39, the 18:25 service from Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle. You will be taking this service as far as Manchester Victoria where another driver will take your place. Please open the doors to allow passengers to board, and set up your cab, including the GSM-R system. There are no reported problems with the route and as there is only one stop between here and Manchester, and timing is relaxed. Enjoy an easy trip across the moss.”

Route: ATS Chat Moss (and all its dependent assets)
ATS/Imbue Class 185
Drax Biomass Wagons (Public Beta v1.3)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66EP (and all its dependent assets)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 319 Vol.1

Recommended: This scenario takes advantage to of the Armstrong Powerhouse Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack to give a hazy late evening feel. If you do not have this pack, the scenario will use default weather.