1P38 1842 Newcastle-Manchester Victoria (802)

1P38 1842 Newcastle-Manchester Victoria (802)

5th August 2020 5 By CSM Spotting

You will be driving 1P38, the 1842 Transpennine Express service from Newcastle to Manchester Victoria, as far as York. This is a realtime scenario.

REQUIREMENTS (requirements with a * are necessary for the route’s function)

East Coast Main Line (York-Newcastle) (Base route) *
ECML South London Peterborough (For the original Class 801)*
DPSimulation ECML North East and requirements (Electrifies the route, necessary for driving the train)*
SimVue Transpennine Express Class 802 reskin*
AlanThomsonSim LNER Class 800 reskin (for AI)
JustTrains Voyager Advanced (for AI)
JustTrains Class 156 (for AI)
FullerSim TPE Class 185 (for AI)

The scenario will work without the unnecessary requirements, but there will be less AI and you may get an “assets failed to load” message displayed. If this happens, press F2 and then “Save”. TS will then allow you to drive.

Any questions, queries or concerns please contact me at cs[email protected]. It would be great to hear your feedback.

Enjoy the scenario!
– Charlie