(1P16) 06:11 Portsmouth Harbour – London Waterloo

(1P16) 06:11 Portsmouth Harbour – London Waterloo

17th February 2021 0 By Sami Pitfield

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Operate the earlier morning 1P16 Fast service from Portsmouth Harbour to London Waterloo going as far as Woking, using a 12 car Class 450 formation.

This scenario only goes as far as Woking because: The scenario would become very long and I was only thinking of going to Guildford originally. And because beyond Woking alot more trains are needed to keep the scenario realistic and this would effect how the scenario runs. I have experimented with scenarios out of Waterloo and hopefully I can come up with a good way to balance scenario stability and realism, I hope you understand this, Cheers 🙂

Scenario Duration: 70 Minutes.


DTG Portsmouth Direct Line (Steam)
DTG Class 444/450 or SWML Southampton – Bournemouth Line (Steam) Required.
DTG Class 159 NSE DMU Pack (Steam) AI/Static
DTG Class 442 ‘Wessex Electric’ Gatwick Express EMU Pack (Steam) Static
DTG Class 66 EWS Loco V2 (Steam) Static
DTG Class 66 Freightliner Loco V2 (Steam) Static
DTG Class 460 Gatwick Express Addon (Steam) Static (Needed for Class 73)
Thomson Class 455 EMU Addon (Steam) AI/Static

AP Class 444/450 EMU Enhancement Pack (Required)
AP Class 313 EMU Pack (AI)
AP Class 375/377 EMU Enhancement Pack (And all of its Requirements, See Armstrong Powerhouse Site)
AP Class 158/159 Cummins DMU Enhancement Pack (Static/AI)
AP HKA DB Schenker Wagon Pack (Static)
AP JNA-C NR Wagon Pack (Static)
AP Class 442 Sound Pack (Static)
AP Class 455 Sound Pack (Static)
AP Mk2 Pack 1 + 2 (Static)


Semaphore Simulations Class 444/450 SWR Reskin Pack.
VP Class 73 Reskin Pack (Static)
VP Class 455 SWR Rebranding (Static)
VP Class 442 SWR Reskin (Static)

If I have forgotten anything please comment below. I hope you enjoy the scenario.