1O04 To Bournemouth

1O04 To Bournemouth

19th July 2019 0 By Michael Shields

Morning driver you’ve just arrived at southampton on the last leg of the trip to Bournemouth. Open doors and you departure time is 9:46 enjoy the Hst screaming away. Again use ATS installer if having issues downloading thanks

Route DTG South Western Mainline

Class 43 Valenta pack EP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 421/423
Class 421/423 South west Trains / Br Green ATS
Mk2a Coaches Ap
Class 442 DTG
Class 442 Pre C6 Swt ATS

Sky and weather pack Ap

Static not needed

Class 66 Frieghtliner
Class 66 EP
Bristol-Cardiff for the intermodel wagons