1N83 11:06 London Kings Cross – York

1N83 11:06 London Kings Cross – York

16th January 2022 4 By Fast-Track UK

Hi there, you’ve been assigned with Class 801223 today working London Kings Cross to Peterborough on 1N83 11:06 London Kings Cross – York. It should be easy enough for the majority of the trip.

Go into the directory 1N83 11.06 London Kings Cross – York.zip/1N83 11.06 London Kings Cross – York and drag the content
folder into your RailWorks install folder. That should be it, you should have it installed!


-Chatham Mainline/any variant that includes Chatham Mainline
-ECML South**
-London to Brighton
-North London Lines*
-South London Network*
-Liverpool to Manchester*

Armstrong Powerhouse

-Class 800-803 EP**
-Class 377/379/387 EP


-LNER Tartan Class 800104 – Found on ATS


-DPS ECML South**

*Minor route requirement; won’t affect the scenario itself
**Crucial for scenario to work

That should be everything for the scenario to function as intended. I do try to keep requirements to a minimum but if I am missing anything from this list be sure to let me know!