1L98 0624 Bristol Temple Meads – Stansted Airport

1L98 0624 Bristol Temple Meads – Stansted Airport

26th January 2020 0 By Myles Hodge

1L98 0624 Bristol Temple Meads – Stansted Airport [Cross Country]


This scenario is based off real time trains data, following train 1L98 on 22/01/2020, however for consumer interest have changed the seasonal timing to allow for more daylight, therefore making this a semi-real life scenario.

This journey is normally made by a class 170 DMU, however the previous evening a lineside incident occurred resulting in the 170 being withdrawn from today’s service resulting in Brain (Fictional Transport manager from Cross Country) swapping out our normal traction for a class 220 DMU.

Due to this, our service has been cancelled between Birmingham New Street and Stansted Airport, therefore running as far as Birmingham today. You are in charge of driving 1L98 between Bristol Temple Meads and Birmingham New Street, calling at: Bristol Parkway, Gloucester, Cheltenham Spa, Ashchurch for Tewkesbury, University and Birmingham New Street.


We are following a stopper service up to Gloucester, meaning we will be chasing cautionary aspects for the most part and will require high levels of concentration. Because of this, I would advise you use the brake physics patch to provide enough power to stop the train if needed. You may also come to stop on gradients, please note in this unit we have a hill start option, Shift+A (Starting in a braking step) to allow us to move without roll back.

Scenario requirements:

– XC Route Extended (Alan Thomson Sim) – Armstrong Powerhouse: Class 150/2, Class 158 Cummins, Class 220 Sound Pack Pro, Class 43 MTU, Class 66EP, Class 321, WeatherEP & Track EP. – GWR Class 800 (Superalbs) – GWR Class 166 (Superalbs) – MK3 Sliding Door Pack (Alan Thomson Sim) – Just Trains Voyager Advanced 2019