1L60 10:05 Arbroath To Edinburgh Waverley

1L60 10:05 Arbroath To Edinburgh Waverley

7th May 2019 2 By BiteSizeScenarios

This scenario will take approximately 98 minutes to complete.

On a clear afternoon you will be taking charge of 1L60 a 4 car Class 158 forming the 10:05 Arbroath to Edinburgh Waverley service.

In this run you will be commencing the journey at Dundee, where you will depart at 10:30, calling at Leuchars, Cupar, Ladybank, Markinch, Kirkcaldy, Inverkeithing, South Gyle, and Haymarket before terminating at Edinburgh Waverley.
Due to a major signalling failure earlier in the day there is an ongoing bug with the signals between Haymarket and Waverley causing a number of services to bottleneck, and as such creating some significant delays.
You will be held by the signaller at Haymarket for around 10 minutes whilst you wait for the route to clear, meaning it will not be possible for you to reach Edinburgh Waverley at your scheduled arrival time of 11:55.

This run has been based on accurate train times from the Scotrail timetable (9 Dec 2018 – 18 May 2019) and verified against Realtime Trains.
Due to the age of the route what should be a stop at Edinburgh Gateway (not featured in the TS route) has been substituted with a stop at South Gyle. Due to the lack of OHLE a number of Class 385, and 334 services have been substituted with Class 170 DMU’s, and some Class 385 services have been substituted with Class 380’s due to there not being a current 385 in TS.

To play these scenarios you will need the following:

Just Trains Scottish East Coast Main Line (also available from Alan Thomson Sim store)

Steam Add-Ons

Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU Add-On

BR Class 170 ‘Turbostar’ DMU Add-On

European Loco & Asset Pack

ScotRail Class 380 EMU Add-On

East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-On

Armstrong Powerhouse Add-Ons

Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack

Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack

Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack

Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

Reskins Required
All of these can be found by searching on Alan Thomson Sim website

HST: ScotRail 7 Cities by Clowes
Class 380 Abellio ScotRail by Ash992478
Class 170 Scotrail Pack (AP Enhancement Pack) by Ash992478
Class 800 LNER Azuma by KevButler66

Patches Required
All these can be found by searching on Alan Thomson Sim website

Class 158 Northern & ScotRail Updates by Chris Horsfield
Class 380 ScotRail Destinations Update by Chris Horsfield