1F80 2102 St Pancras International to Sheffield

1F80 2102 St Pancras International to Sheffield

13th June 2024 1 By JemLotelia

This is a chill run from St Pancras International to Sheffield, going as far as Bedford.. My main motivation for this scenario being made is that I wanted to show off the routes night lighting in a dusk setting. I appreciate when devs take care to night lighting and you’ll see in this scenario that it really makes the route feel alive.

Duration 40 mins


AP Midland Mainline EP (and reqs)
AP Weather (only used for slight haze effect)

DTG 700 + AP 700 EP + Semaphore Sim 700 Patch
DTG 150/1 + AP 150/1 EP + Clowes LNWR Reskin (static at Bedford)*
JT 222 + Semaphore Sim EMR Reskins
(also recommend LP Sim Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 Overhaul 4.4 on SemaphoreSim)
Clowes 360 EMR Reskin + DTG London Ipswich
DTG CML for Class 395*
ATS Series 2 Overhead Line Patch for Bedford Station – Addition to AP MML

Anything with a * only adds to the experience, is not required to enjoy the full run.